Dance➍Life ….A Club With A Cause!



▓▓▓▓▓ Ðل Ambassadors ▓▓▓▓▓

What does it mean to be a SL Dance➍Life DJ Ambassador? We all know DJ’s work extremely hard to entertain us with their talents and skills by spinning sic and amazing beats. The DJ’s below have generously donated a percentage of their DJ earnings, going above and beyond, to be a part of the D➍L movement which mobilizes and unites our youth to push back HIV/AIDs for life. We at Dance➍Life recognize their charitable efforts and realize this is a whole new class of DJ’s.

On behalf of the D➍L Family we thank you for making a difference by joining the D➍L movement in Second Life and Real Life.

Ðل L€€ | SeanDل  |Dل DDirty | Dل Arc

If you want to become a Dance➍Life DJ Ambassador, please see Mareabella Magic for further details.


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