::1yr Ⓐnniversary Ⓟarty- ℝed & ßlack ßenefit Ⓔvent::

!!Ɗ➃レ ➀yr Anniversary Event-HUGE SUCCESS!!
We want to THANK EVERYONE who came out to help us celebrate our ➀yr Ⓑday Ⓟarty(Red & ßlack ßenefit Ⓔvent) . SPECIAL THANKS to those who Donated. We EXCEEDED our GOAL of $L75K (Total of $L118K) for the RL Dance4Life HOO! Your contributions were truly appreciated!

 CHEERS to more amazing and fun ƊaƝcE➃レiƒe™ Parties & Events in Second Life.

►►Event Donation Report forthcoming this week under “Donation Reports” section◄◄



Please join us as we proudly celebrate our ➀year success in Second Life as a well known non-profit organization/RL charity supporter while also being one of SL’s HOTTEST club venues.

Club & Lounge, ƝYC’s
A Ⓒlub With A Ⓒause


             (¸¸.•´ ¯¨•.¸¸`•** (•.•)  **•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.¸¸)
➀yr Ⓐnniversary Ⓟarty

 ℝed & ßlack ßenefit Ⓔvent

             (¸¸.•´ ¯¨•.¸¸`•** (•.•)  **•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.¸¸)

Ɗate: §unday, ♏arch 21, 2010
〒ime:12pmSLT → 12amSLT


♏usic ßy:

♦ƊJ Cae Diesel
♦ ƊJ SeanD Serpente
♦ ƊJ Thlemaxos Rewell
♦ ƊJ Nod Petrov
♦ ƊJ Booch Capelo
♦ ƊJ Addad Galtier
♦ ƊJ Russ Scribe
♦ ƊJ DDirty Adamczyk

✦Ⓔvent 〒heme ✦
´•., :: §tay §afe … §tay §exy in 2010 :: ¸.•´
Please come ƊRESSED to IMPRESS in your §exy “ℝed & ßlack” קarty outfits in support of the RL Ɗance4Life by spreading HIV/AIDs awareness.

█▓▒ Ⓓonation Ⓘnfo▒▓█
• Our Goal is to reach L$75K for this 1 day event-100% of ALL donations (ƊJ /Host Tips) will go directly to the cause.
• There will be a “Ðonation 〒racker Ⓐrea” – “Red Roped” located on the main dance floor. This “tracker system” allows everyone to view the status of our Benefit Event. Who Donated, How much was donated, donation Goal amount, How much more we need to reach our goal, and Goal Deadline.
• All donation transactions will be recorded as a receipt into a complete spreadsheet and posted on our

 “Donation Report Webpage”: https://dance4lifenyc.wordpress.com/1078/donation-monthly-reports/

☑ ╫╫osted ßy:♏areabella ♏agic,Ⓖauge Carter & Ɗ➍レ♏anagement, Ⓘnc.


☑ §ponsored ßy: RL Dance4Life
☑ קromoted ßy: レia ♏istwalker of Eye➋Design





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