°o.O Ⓤpper Ⓛevel  Ⓡooftop §essions O.o°
Join us on the ƝYC Rooftop-Upper Level Main ƊaƝcE➍Looя. Come show off your §exiness, chill in the side lounges , sip Champagne & dance your §exy asses off while overlooking the heart of Ɲew York City! §exy ƊJ’s spinning §ik and Ɗirty ßeats all day long!

Ɗate: Saturday, May 15, 2010
〒ime: 12:oopmSlt – 10:oopmSlt (ALL times “Second Life Time”)

►Ɗ➍レ ⓉuRиⓉαßL€ ⒿuиKίєs◄

♦ⓌHO: ☠✯ ƊJane Katia Roffo✯☠
♦ⓌHEN: 12:oopmSlt –2:oopmSlt
ஐ§exy ђost: Mirela Christenson ஐ

♦ⓌHO: ☠✯ ƊJ Nod Petrov✯☠
♦ⓌHEN: 2:oopmSlt –4:oopmSlt
ஐ§exy ђost: Lia Mistwalker ஐ

♦ⓌHO: ☠✯ ƊJane ANGELZ Braveheart ✯☠
♦ⓌHEN: 4:oopmSlt –6:oopmSlt
ஐ§exy ђost: Kelly Mavendorfஐ

♦ⓌHO: ☠✯ ƊJ Chase Okelli✯☠
♦ⓌHEN: 6:oopmSlt –8:oopmSlt
ஐ§exy ђost: Sarlah Magsஐ

♦ⓌHO: ☠✯ ƊJ Addad Galtier✯☠
♦ⓌHEN: 8:oopmSlt –10:oopmSlt
ஐ§exy ђost: Tiarra Morporkஐ

+>> ✔ ⓈTART ⒹANCING ✖ ⓈTOP ⒶIDS ✖ <<+ → → → Đ Α Ν C Ε ❹ Ļ Ι Ϝ Ε

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☑Ɗ➍レ Ⓒlub Website:

☑Parties located in SECOND LIFE ☑



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