█ ▌▄ Ɗ➍レ ℂLƟSEƊ ℳσnƊαys ▄ █ ▌

█ ▌▄ Ɗ➍レ ℂLƟSEƊ ℳσnƊαys ▄ █ ▌

☑Ɗ➍レ ℂLƟSEƊ Evεяy ℳσndαy fσя (Ⓐdmίnίtяαtίvε/ℂhαяίty Ѡσяk).
“レIVE” ƊεεJαy 乇vεиts ℂONTIƝUE bαck up σn 〒UεSDAY \o/
Unfσrtunαtely, Ɗ➍レ is prεdσminαntly α U.S bαsεd Club with (乇αst/Ѡεst ℂσαst Tίmε Zσnεs).

Thεrεforε, Ɗ➍レ ίs σpεn εxclusίvεly tσ cεrtαίn Ħσuяs/Ɗαys σf thε Ѡεεk duε tσ

RL Ⓐdmίnίstяαtσя/乇xεcutivε Schεdulεs.

Hσwεvεя, whεn Ɗ➍レ ίs Ɵpεn…wε σffεя quαlίty 乇xεcutίvεs…quαlίty 乇vεnts…αnd wε knσw hσw tσ  ℙαяty Ħαяd!
Plεαsε sεε::レIVE ƊεεJay 乇vεиt §chεdulε::σn our mαin Facebook pαgε fσя ℂlub Ħσuяs.


+>> ✔ ⓈTART ⒹANCING ✖ ⓈTOP ⒶIDS ✖ <<+ → → → Đ Α Ν C Ε ❹ Ļ Ι Ϝ Ε

〒Y fσя yσuя cσntίnuσus suppσяt ίn ℝL/SL.
Ɗ➍レ ℳαиαgεmεиt, Ⓘиc.

☑ Ⓘn §uppσrt oƒ:ℝL Ɗance4Life



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