ƊaƝcE❹レiƒe™ has numerous partners spreading awareness throughout the grid! We are proud of all our current Partners and want to thank them all for their support.

If you would like to become a Ɗ➍レ Partner and be a part of the Ɗ➍レ movement, show your support by raising awareness at your venue/business/organization!!

Make ƊaƝcE❹レiƒe™ more visible: ƊaƝcE❹レiƒe™ is the platform of young people pushing back HIV and AIDS – give ƊaƝcE❹レiƒe™ visibility by displaying our “We support ƊaƝcE❹レiƒe™” Banner at your venue or business. We in turn will display you on our website as a Partner and stream your logo/banner through our pic viewer located at ƊaƝcE❹レiƒe™ Club & Lounge, ƝYC. We will also keep a daily talley of donations raised at your venue and display on our website. ** Not applicable to some Partners i.e blogspots**

PLEASE NOTE:** We do screen all potential Ɗ➍レ Partners by visiting your establishment to see if your business/venue/organization is suitable and or appropriate for the RL Dance4Life**

☑ You must be an established business/venue/organization in Second Life for NO less then 3months. *Unless authorized by Mareabella Magic*
☑  Please forward all pics via Ɗ➍レ skype account: (socaligirl75). If you do not have skype you may send info. to Ɗiamond Goldblatt In-World.
☑  Send your club banner/Logo (copy/mod)
☑  Send links and Slurls to your website and venue.
☑  Small bio of your venue/business/organization
☑  Join  “Dance4Life Partners, Inc.” Group to receive Notices on “Monthly Donation Reports” & Benefit Event updates
☑  Let us know when it is convenient for us to place a small “Red” donation box at your venue.
☑ Please display banners as well as Ɗ➍レ Club Logo  at your venue/business below to show your support as a Partner.

We hope you will join the Ɗ➍レ movement and show your support by spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS through music and dance.

Thank you for your support!
Mareabella Magic, Ɗ➍レ Owner/Founder
Ɗiamond Goldblatt, Ɗ➍レ Ⓟartners Administrator

Thank you ALL for your continuous support and contributions


D➍L Partner in Real Life


Dance4Life Foundation

D➍L Partner since January 2009

Dance4Life inspires, mobilises and unites young people to push back HIV and AIDS 4Life!

Half of the new HIV infections every day are among young people under 25 years old. Not only are they the most affected by HIV, but they have never known a world without HIV. dance4life is an international initiative set up to involve and empower young people all around the world to push back the spread of HIV and AIDS. Young people are the future and they have the power to halt the spread of HIV and AIDS. By uniting all over the world and demanding change, they can make a difference.

dance4life provides them with this opportunity. It teaches them the important life skills they need to protect themselves but more than this, it inspires them to go out there and actually do something about it, to become actively involved – an agent of change. And our mission is to create a movement of one million agents of change by 2014.




Owner: Simone Peterman


D➍L Partner since September 2009

Secondnights.com is a website for nightlife lovers of SL.
you will find events, clubs, djs, art galleries and other
entertainment information for your best night in SL!

Woot! \o/ Thank you Secondnights for your unbelievable support and being a part of the Dance❹Life Movement.  We are proud to be your partner and look forward to many amazing ventures in the future.

Thank you
Mareabella Magic &
Dance❹Life Management, Inc.

Starting Dancing….Stop AIDS….Dance❹Life!

Visit our website http://www.secondnights.com


Ɗ➍レ Partner in Second Life

Bleeding Heart lake terrace picks

Owners: Shea Paule & Tan Svoboda

Bleeding Heart Lounge & Ballroom

D➍L Partner since September 2009

Donation Box Talley: L$2590

Bleeding Heart Lounge & Ballroom is a collection of 3 very different venues created to bring the best of live music and DJs in SL together in an open, welcoming environment. We have a large, formal open-air ballroom in the sky, a lakeside terrace with a relaxed atmosphere in a beautiful natural landscape, and an eclectic underwater disco.  There are no barriers to musical style; regular events include jazz, pop, club dance, trance, latin, and even classical performances, but all events have in common an emphasis on musical excellence, fun, and above all, romance. Bleeding Heart regulars are just as diverse with humans, furries, goths, trendy, grungy, gay, lesbian, hetero, transgender people all having fun together… anyone who values respect for differences finds a warm welcome at Bleeding Heart.

Visit them InWorld:



Ɗ➍レ Partner in Second Life


Owners: Alexcub12 Hax, Muhu Janus,  Dazza12 Slade,  Id Bamaisin

Aussie Boys

D➍L Partner since September 2009

Donation Talley: L$200

Visit them InWorld:



Ɗ➍レ Partner in Second Life

A list

Owners:Xavier Thiebaud & RAFTWET Jewell


D➍L Partner since September 2009

A list for a group of discerning people who want to be in the know of what’s happening on the grid 24/7. the grid 24/7. Everything from Live music events to ART & FASHION, to the best dance clubs and RL DJ”s, to Ballet and Opera and Live Jazz. Explore beautiful sims! If you’re not here, then you’re just not on the list baby…

Thank you AList! for your support by blogging many ƊaƝcE❹レiƒe™  events and being a part of the ƊaƝcE❹レiƒe™  Movement.  We are proud to be your partner and look forward to many amazing ventures in the future.

Thank you
Mareabella Magic &
Ɗ➍レ♏anagement, Ⓘnc.

Starting Dancing….Stop AIDS….Dance❹Life!

Blog spot: http://thealistsl.blogspot.com




Dance4Life's Flickr Stream


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