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dance4life inspires, mobilises and unites young people to push back HIV and AIDS 4life!

Half of the new HIV infections every day are among young people under 25 years old. Not only are they the most affected by HIV, but they have never known a world without HIV. dance4life is an international initiative set up to involve and empower young people all around the world to push back the spread of HIV and AIDS. Young people are the future and they have the power to halt the spread of HIV and AIDS. By uniting all over the world and demanding change, they can make a difference.

dance4life provides them with this opportunity. It teaches them the important life skills they need to protect themselves but more than this, it inspires them to go out there and actually do something about it, to become actively involved – an agent of change. And our mission is to create a movement of one million agents of change by 2014.

An agent of change is a young person who takes part in at least two of the first three schools4life activities. Schools4life isn’t about boring books, preaching or homework – it’s about dance, music, media, events, drumming, videos and taking responsibility for yourself and others. Using the language of young people involves them in dance4life.

The history of dance4life

dance4life was founded by two international marketers in 2003 who were struck by the force of the HIV pandemic. They shared a passion to use their commercial expertise to turn this problem around. They envisioned a world united in pushing back HIV and AIDS, with one message: start dancing, stop aids.

dance4life is no longer a dream belonging to just two men; it is a reality belonging to young people around the world. dance4life has become an international movement. Its purpose is to empower young people to take action themselves to push back HIV and AIDS. dance4life is about the belief that HIV and AIDS can and will be stopped the moment young people have the power to stand up and say no to unsafe sex, to change not only their own attitudes and misconceptions about HIV and AIDS, but also those of the people around them and to take action to become part of the solution- a solution for life.




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