Dance➍Life's Hosts THE              ღ Ðiskø Bitⓒhes ღ

ƊaƝcEiƒe™ chooses only the BEST and these Ɗ➍ Hosts are above and beyond any other host in Second Life. Not only are they the hottest and most talented Hosts around but they are also %100 Ɗiskø Bitⓒhes & Ɗiskø Stiⓚs !! That’s right this elite party crew knows how to keep the DJ’s hyped and the crowd drooling for more!! Most of these Ɗ➍hosts are pure veterans who are well known across the grid at other top venues.  To be a Ɗ➍host you need to be able to work the DJ booth next the hottest and talented DJ’s on SL and be….

Ⓒomקletely Ⓘnşane ⓣh€ Ⓓanc€ⓕlợợя!

❀׺°ஜ°º×❀׺°ஜ°º×❀׺°ஜ°º× ❀׺°ஜ°º×❀׺°ஜ°º×❀׺°ஜ°º×❀׺°ஜ°º×❀


Ɗiskø Bitⓒhes ☒ & Ɗiskø Stiⓚs ☠☒

Are all active supporters of the ƊaƝcEiƒe™ movement by spreading awareness about HIV/AIDs as hosts and promoters. They know the importance of the cause and what ƊaƝcEiƒe™ Club & Lounge, NYC represents.

✔ 5% of all Ɗ➍Host tips…goes to the RL Dance4Life Charity as their donation. Their contributions are also posted on our website✔


If you want to be a part of this amazing Real Life organization and elite Second Life Night Club then please submit you’re application to:
Mareabella Magic or Hailey Shackleton.



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