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Young people have never known a world without AIDS. Half of new HIV infections are among young people under 25; HIV is a pandemic that needs to be stopped. dance4life believes the only way to really achieve this is by actively involving the young people it infects and affects the most. Youth are the solution and have a strong voice that need to be heard!

Support them by supporting dance➍life. Give young people the opportunity to have control over HIV, and not the other way round.


The main ways of supporting dance4life are:

  • Fund-raising: we promised that every cent goes directly to creating one million agents of change who actively contribute to pushing back HIV and AIDS. An agent of change is a young person who is actively involved in dance4life and makes a positive active contribution on an individual, national or international level to pushing back HIV and AIDS.
  • Make Dance4Life more visible: dance4life is the platform of young people pushing back HIV and AIDS – give dance4life visibility by displaying our “We support Dance➍Life” Banner at your venue or business. We intern will display you on our website as an affiliate and run your logo/banner through our pic screen located at Dance➍Life Club.
  • Raising awareness about HIV and AIDS: know the correct facts about HIV and how it is transmitted. Take responsibility for yourself and tell your friends, family and community about HIV.
  • Donation Box Locations: Donation Boxes are placed throughout the D➍L Club and at various Affiliate locations.

If you want to support dance➍life, then we want it to be as easy as possible. Just send us a note card requesting information, and you will get access to lots of materials to help you:

Logos| Poster |Fliers |Dance4life HIV fact sheet |Banners|T-shirts |Gestures

!!We’ll even put details of what you’re doing to support us on this website!!

whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you do,

We at Dance➍Life Club & Lounge, NYC (Second Life & Real Life) want to thank you in advance for all your donations we truly appreciate it.



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