Below are just a few Representatives from the RL Dance4Life whom I’ve worked closely with. Myself and the Ɗ➍レ team have all worked extremely hard to represent the RL Dance4Life well and with the utmost respect. Our mission is to spread HIV/AIDS awareness throughout the grid by providing ƊaƝcE❹レiƒe™ Club & Lounge, ƝYC as a venue to bring amazing parties/benefit events through music and dance. Also by collecting donations from all those who want to be a part of the Dance➍Life movement in Second Life as well as Real Life.


✖Real Life Dance4Life Representatives✖

dance4life international is located in the centre of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the team consists of:


Rachel Booth
PR and communications manager <>


Rupert Springfield
fundraising and partnerships manager <>


Wessel van Eeden
music and media manager <>

For general information on dance4life please email us at



Dance4Life's Flickr Stream


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