Ð➃レ Ŧounded in §econd レife ♏id 2008

Dance4LifeClub LOGO

ÐaNcE➃iƒe™ Club & Lounge, NYC established January 2009



(¨*•.¸´•. ::  Ð➃レ :: ¸.•´¸.•*¨)

☒ღ Ðiskø Bitⓒhes ღ ☒ & ☒ ☠ Ðiskø Stiⓚ ☠☒

  (¸¸.•´ ¯¨•.¸¸`•** (•.•)  **•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.¸¸)

  These Ðiskø Bitⓒhes & ☒ ☠ Ðiskø Stiⓚ ☠☒are all active supporters of the D➃L movement and continue to spread awareness about HIV/AIDs as hosts and Promoters. They know the importance of the cause and what ÐaNcE➃iƒe™ Club & Lounge, NYC represents.

✔ 5% of all Ð➃レ  ╫╫ost 〒ips goes to the RL ÐaNcE➃iƒe™ Charity as their donation.✔

Angeleyes Susanowaღ  Mandie Wingtips Leialoha Azalee   Sativa Bolissima Suzelle  Sixpence FionettaMarie Beverly Cane Sweetwater Lia Mistwalkerღ  Carissa Silverfall SnoOpzzz Yiwama XxMysticAxX Nightfire☠Chaos Capelo

Thank you

 for having the utmost respect for the club and what it represents also for your amazingly hard work and contributions.


(¨*•.¸´•. :: 2009 ⒷL α¢ к Ⓞυţ Ⓒharity Ⓔvent Ðonors :: ¸.•´¸.•*¨)

  (¸¸.•´ ¯¨•.¸¸`•** (•.•)  **•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.¸¸)

Dance❹Life  BlackoutCharity Event

!!HUGE SUCCESS!! With Everyone’s great Support we were able to EXCEDE our goal of L$75k !!!  Our “ßlack Ⓞut קarty” Ⓒharity Ⓔvent Raised a 〒otal of L$100,531  for the RL ÐaNcE➃レiƒe

RL Dance❹Life Banner


We look forward to Hosting many more Ⓒharity Ⓔvents in the upcoming months to keep raising awareness and supporting the RL Organization!


★¸.•*♋ §pecial〒hank ¥ou to Gauge & Debi  ♋*•.¸★

Dance❹Life  Flickr- GaugeCarter

 •* Gaugє ⓒarter *•

 Ð➃レ GM & Ɗل ♏anager


Dance❹Life    Debi Palmira

•* Ðebί Ⓟalmira*•

 Ð➃レ GM & ╫╫ost ♏anager

 Thank you both for your unbelievable help with organizing the 2009“ßlack ut ” harity vent!! Your efforts and hard work with keeping this 32hr event going strong for 2 days was amazing and totally appreciated \o/!! Ⓖaugє thank you so much for keeping all of our Ɗل’s organized and Ðebί thank you so much for keeping all of our  ╫╫osts organized.  I couldn’t have done it without you guys! Love you both!



★¸.•*♋ §pecial〒hanks ♋*•.¸★

Dance➍Life Nicholas Halostar   Head Promoter, Asst.Web Master, Admin Marketer  •* Nicholas Haloster *•

Ð➃レ ╫╫ead קromoter

 Thank you so much for promoting and marketing the 2009 ⒷLα¢к Ⓞυţ  Ⓒharity Ⓔvent and for your amazing flyers. You rock babes!! 



★¸.•*♋ §pecial〒hanks ♋*•.¸★

 Dance➍Life Head Sponsor(blackLogo)

 •*Mike Burleigh*•

➃レ SL Head Sponsor) 

 Generously donated ➥L$2,000 towards the RL Dance4Life Charity!


  ★¸.•*♋ §pecial〒hanks ♋*•.¸★ 

Dance➍Life Partner The AList!

•* RAFTWET Jewell *•

The Alist! (Ð➃レ Partner)

Generously donated ➥L$5,000 towards the RL Dance4Life Charity and thank you for blogging this awesome event!


★¸.•*♋ §pecial〒hanks ♋*•.¸★ 

Secondnight and Dance➍Life

•* Simone Peterman *•

(Ð➃レ Partner) 

From Secondnights  for blogging and advertising this awesome event on their website.


★¸.•*♋ §pecial〒hanks to our ╫╫ighest Ðonor  ♋*•.¸★

missy milena

•* Missy Milena *• 

Generously donated ➥L$10,500 to the RL Dance4Life Charity! WOW! We are proud to announce you as our Highest Donor for the 2009 ⒷLα¢к Ⓞυţ Ⓒharity Ⓔvent! We recognize your generous contributions and thank you for being a part of the Dance4Life movement in RL and SL.


 ★¸.•*♋ ╫╫ighest Ðonors ♋*•.¸★

☑MaxPwr Spitteler➥L$5,000  

☑YuliaV Tokyoska➥L$5,000  

☑Kiki Devin➥L$2,500  

✔Silver Ohmai ➥L$1,000  

✔SeanD Serpente➥L$1,000  

✔Kirsty Oherlihy➥L$1,000  

✔Keely Lawson➥L$1,000  

✔EmilyAn Katscher➥L$1,000  

✔Penelope Kristan➥L$1,000  

✔Amydoll Zeplin➥L$1,000  

✔Leeroy Swindlehurst➥L$1,000  

✔PolarBear Braveheart➥L$1,000  


 ★¸.•*♋ Red  ßox Ðonors ♋*•.¸★

✖Suzelle Sixpence➥L$800  

✖Liess Paine➥L$750  

✖Justice Constantine➥L$600  

✖LanceH Horan➥L$560  

✖Ariell Fallen➥L$500  

✖Azufr3 Catteneo➥L$500  

✖Sunshine Zhangsun ➥L$500  

✖Gea Ruby➥L$500  

✖Shae Sixpence➥L$350  

✖Racheal Feld ➥L$345  

✖Nod Petrov➥L$562  

✖Saiwun Yoshikawa➥L$266  

✖pumakiz Bailey➥ L$250  

✖Spartan Horsley➥L$200  

✖Serenityy Wikifoo➥L$200  

✖Aspen Parx➥L$200  

✖Latoyia Dexler➥L$200  

✖ Sapphire Dawner➥L$200  

✖Lyssa Burnstein➥L$200  

✖josanne Huntress➥L$400

✖Marianne Levasseur➥L$144  

✖Cali Rajal ➥L$100  

✖Zak Renfort➥L$100  

✖Serenity Wikifoo➥L$100  

✖BlacklotuS Constantine➥L$100  

✖Graine Macbain➥L$100  

✖Carlos Kirshner➥L$100  

✖Corbin Sporg➥L$100  

✖SpeedyBert Paperclip➥L$100  

✖Kaila Mayo➥L$100

✖Mary Donogal➥L$75

✖sjors Zane➥L$58  

✖Eymerich Lane➥L$50  

✖Mary Zimmer➥L$100  

✖langston Raleigh➥ L$50  

✖Tamia Teardrop➥L$50  

✖ShadowGirl Yardley➥L$30

✖Billy Aedipo➥L$27  

✖Jewels Jameson➥L$20  

✖marisia Wonder➥L$20  



We at Dance➍Life would like to thank everyone for supporting D➍L by graciously donating to this amazing real life charity. No mater how big or small the donation, every bit counts and WILL make a difference by mobilizing and uniting our youth to push back HIV/AIDs ➍Llife.

D➍L recognizes your efforts and all donors have been given a “thank you” package for their continuous support.

Second Life Donor’s *October 2009*

 ★::DJ Ambassador::  DDirty Adamczyk ➥L$485

★::DJ Ambassador::  SeanD Serpente ➥L$800

★::DJ Ambassador:: Ransom Buckhardt ➥L$1500

★::DJ Ambassador:: Arcangelo Hellmann➥L$624

★ Sookie Landar➥L$12,000

★Chaos Capelo➥L$800

★Solaris Weatherwax➥L$50

★Pierre PhilbinL➥L$200

★ CMonica Arai➥L$100

★Killa Carami➥L$100

★ DutchessJones007 Perlman➥L$500

★ pumakiz Bailey➥L$370

★ Ouchie Miggins➥L$20

★ Zara Rieko➥L$600

★ CoopJess Dreamscape➥L$50

★ Scarlet Sass➥L$100

★ Wesley Azambuja➥L$30

★ Isis Clarity➥L$100

★ william Firanelli➥L$1500

★ Vince Darwinian➥L$55

★ Linzi Diesel➥L$800

★ madmike Burner➥L$51

★ George Vyceratops➥L$5

★ bAdAbiNg Go➥L$1000

★ A3 Beaumont➥L$2600

★ Liv Clarity➥L$50

★ Sina Baxton➥L$50

★ Serenityy Wikifoo➥L$100

★ Lia Mistwalker➥L$50

★ Sonja Aboubakar➥L$250

★ Cane Sweetwater➥L$250

★ Lucca Seetan➥L$200

★ Silver Ohmai➥L$500

★ Audrey Raremaster➥L$500

★tommy10 Xue➥L$200

★Bialanna Panthar➥L$50

★RAFTWET Jewell➥L$500

★Kaiko Yiwama➥L$250

★Chantell Mumfuzz➥L$100

★Kirk911 Constantine➥L$50

★Lia Mistwalker➥L$100

★Carue Breen➥L$200

★IxChel Thor➥L$500

★Violet Boa➥L$500

★StevenTC Camel➥L$420

★Viktor Galli➥L$500

★kyoco Nishi➥L$50

★Maki Inglewood ➥L$100

★Nastasia Pelazzi ➥L$500

★Allison Widdershins ➥L$200

★Riko Kondor ➥L$100

★Leonese Blackheart ➥L$30

★AndreaGabriela Reggiane ➥L$1

★Rocio Paulino ➥L$60

★SparkNoiZe Popstar ➥L$300

★Iriana Kytori ➥L$25

★Moe Neiro ➥L$200

★Eureka Veeper ➥L$50

★Crissy Buwan ➥L$200

★Tradgedy Kidd ➥L$100

★YuliaV Tokyoska ➥L$500

★Primrose Morgwain ➥L$200

★Carrisa Silverfall ➥L$546

★Seymour Tungsten ➥L$10

★Mysticccccc Roux ➥L$450

★RUSVI Xomotron ➥L$5




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